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2009-08-02 10:52:56 by Pizza9000

Hmm, this site has changed a lot since I've been here. I first found this place in 2000. Back then, though, it was pretty much just the assassin games and a lot of advertisements. I always liked a nice round of harry potthead in between shooting various people and clicking away ads. It was fun. Did I mention the ads? There were a lot.

Now, though, apparently you can make money off of just being a contributor? Wow, I never would have thought that possible. Way to go, Tom!

Well, I don't really frequent this site with much...frequency anymore. I do enjoy the flash stuff, though. I just haven't really been composing very much. That's probably a bad sign, being as I'm about to go to Elmhurst for composition. Theory/comp. is the sanctioned terminology, I believe. Ah, well. Everybody has dry spells. Or work. That tends to suck the life out of people too.

Dunno why I all of a sudden felt like posting something. I guess it could be a subconscious need to express myself to the world in a way that I can't achieve through music. Or boredom. That tends to do it. Perhaps I'll consider doing it with more frequency. Beats Myspace...