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An excerpt from "The Regulators" by Richard Bachman

2014-06-14 20:03:38 by Pizza9000

"It wanted to make love to you," he says.

"Love?" she says, her voice barely under control  "No. Oh no. Tak understands nothing about love, cares nothing about love. It wanted to fuck me, that's all. When it discovered it couldn't use Herb to do that, it killed him."  Tears are running down her face now.  "It doesn't give up easily when it wants something, you know. What it did to him...well, imagine what would happen to one of little Ralphie Carver's shoes if you tried to get it on your big grown-up's foot.  If you just kept jamming it and shoving it, harder and harder, oblivious of the pain, oblivious of what you were doing to it in your obsession to wear it, walk in it..."

"All right," he says.  "I get the message."


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